You can place as many orders as you like. Only paid orders (with finalized PayPal payment) are valid and are being processed.
If you placed several orders and decided to finish transaction (finalize PayPal payment) for one of your orders -that's OK. All other (unpaid) orders will be canceled within 48 hours.
If you placed order(s), but changed your mind and don't want to finish transaction for any of them -that's fine too. Such orders will be cancelled within 48 hours too.


Ignitioncontrols store sends number of emails automatically throughout the order process.
When the order is placed a confirmation email is sent to you.
Completed (shipped) orders receive a delivery notice containing a link to your account page for tracking purposes.
Look the "Order Comments:" section (in the upper left corner under the "Order Status") for the tracking number.
Remember: you must finish your PayPal payment process in order to start the shipping procedure.

In some cases automatic emails and notices are rejected (incorrectly typed email address, server configuration issues, or other reasons), leaving you with no information about your order.
In such cases please log in to your account
manually and check your Order Status. This is the most up-to-date information about your order.

Stickers and Labels are sent by Postal Service as Priority Letters (with no tracking)
Button Boxes and Adapter Plates are sent by Postal Service as GLOBAL Express Priority Letters or Registered Priority Letters with Tracking Numbers.
Once you obtained the tracking number you can check your package status here with basic information about package weight, destination country code, dispatch time etc. until package leaves its country of origin.
Next, usually in a couple of days (there's indeed short period after item left country of origin, but is not registered in destination country system yet) you can track your item through your country's postal service tracking site or this Global Track & Trace service.


All items are shipped with Priority status. It usually takes 5-10 working days for international orders to deliver. However it may occasionally take longer since far destinations or customs inspections due international shipping procedures, or just service delays, so please be patient -just give it couple more days.
Through our history we've shipped hundreds of items and we haven't lost a single one! Delays happen tho. As most worldwide orders are delivered within 5-10 working days its only after 30 working days when you (and consequently I) can make a claim. In such situation (after about 3 weeks from the shipping date) contact our support!

Wikipedia List of National Postal Services

According to our TERMS & CONDITIONS customer is responsible for taxes/duties or any other costs applied due to international shipping.
However note that:
1. We ship from within EU (no additional taxes/duties are applied when trading within EU)
2. All orders are shipped as Priority Letters or Global Express Priority Letters -without declared value or item descriptions, as private parcels that allows us to bypass detailed customs procedures.

Button Boxes: Europe $12.95 (small) / $19.95 (large), Worldwide $14.95 (small) / $24.95 (large)
Labels: Europe $7.95, Worldwide $9.95
Adapter Plates: Europe $7.95, Worldwide $9.95

Please note this is an estimated calculation only. Final shipping costs are calculated at checkout according to total package weight (if more items are purchased) and exact shipping destination. You can always place an order without finishing payment process -to get exact shipping calculation for your order. Placing an order does not oblige you to finalize payment.

Ignitioncontrols online store is set up to accept PayPal payments in US Dollars by default.
However we accept Euro, GBP and other currencies too. In such case we calculate currencies according to average Bank rate and payment is made by a customer using link (placed on the Home site).
If you have any questions don't hesitate and contact support