Clean design - pure functionality! 3D printed. For standalone use, or as add-on (or alternative) to button boxes, wheel plates, keyboards, keypads etc. Easy to mount using mounting holes, or embedded magnets. Fit on your desk, gaming rig, keyboard tray, bookshelf, metal button box, even PC case!

Rotary encoders rotate infinitely (left & right), repeating mapped commands with pulsing tactile feedback. Perfect for applying step by step, or repeated commands.

Adjust in-car field of view (FOV) angle, seat height and front/back position, camera view angles. Navigate through in-game options (iRacing Black Boxes), scroll through lists, select radio channels, adjust volume or tactile effects (iRacing LFE settings). Set in-car controls (brake bias, ABS, TC, engine mappings) and many, many, many other options!

Original product concept & design by ignitioncontrols.com
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Encoder Box E6 Encoder Box E6 M Encoder Box E9
Encoder Box E6
Our Price: $79.95
Encoder Box E6 M
Our Price: $89.95
Encoder Box E9
Our Price: $99.95
Encoder Box E9 M
Encoder Box E9 M
Our Price: $109.95